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We are the lateral thinkers… We are the creators… we are the Oceanic Studio!
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Who We Are

Oceanic Studio is a web and multimedia firm offering holistic website design and development and multimedia solutions to small, media and large business corporate houses. We also cater to the multimedia needs of Film and TV production houses where the requirements for the high quality animations and graphic designs are always felt. We hold specialization in the field of Flash 2D & 3D Animation, 2D & 3D Graphic Designing, Video Posting and complete multimedia production and development right from the scratch.

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Oceanic Studio believes and works on the concepts of
Intuitive, Creative and Responsive Designing.”

Our Services

Designing is not just an art. Speaking of it in today’s scenario, designing is more of balancing act between the creativity and technology. We are proud that our web, graphic and multimedia designers can do it comfortably and religiously. We understand the functional and operational requirements of our clients.

Our Mission

Besides graphic designing and animation, we also offer comprehensive and pro-business web solutions that compete on the international front, and place our clients on top in the fierce online competition. We incorporate cutting edge and innovative design strategies in multimedia and web that put us on a different and on higher podium from our competitors.

You approach us with a thought, and we start underpinning it with our unique ideation techniques. Our planning and discussion session is a two way one interactive platform, which aims only at achieving the business goals of our clients. The focus during this special interactive session is to learn about your services/products as well as processes. Planning and discussion is the core of entire development at Oceanic Studio.

Once planning and discussion phase is complete, we start for the internalization process, and this is where our team mates synchronize their mental faculties on wider planes. The ultimate purpose here is to build up an innovative business oriented website, which is going to take the business on to higher performance levels. Our creativity is based on the intuitive exploration, and this is implemented to client's business model.

The developmental stage begins at the point of website structuring and coding. The design and development team starts with real time coding after coding and design instructions are laid. During the development, graphic and UI designers also play critical role, as they busy themselves in interface designing and synchronization of graphical elements. The prototype created is precursor to actual and functional business website. Next, A/B testing is done by testers, and all structural and functional elements are given a deeper insight.

Delivery is the finalization of the development. An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program will subsequently upload the web site files straight on to client's server. A final real time run through is done to ensure everything is fine and aligned. It is also done to confirm that all the files have been uploaded and the website is running free of any errors. The product delivery is phase of satisfaction in the lives of developers and designers at Oceanic Studio.

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